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08 June 2010 @ 03:51 pm
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05 August 2009 @ 02:52 am
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24 July 2009 @ 04:11 am

Wall Putty - $1

Umbrellas- $2 each

Tail - $1

4 Stuffed Animals - $1 all

Scarlet Letter - $4

Blue and Purple Sand - $FREE

Shiny Rocks - $FREE


Mesh Holder - $1

Confetti - $.50

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24 July 2009 @ 04:02 am

4x5 Graphire3 Tablet (Pen doesn't work, tablet does, if you can fix it, its all yours lol) - $20

Notepad - $Free


Stationary 12 x 12 inch - $1 for all

Stationary 6x6 - $1

Asian Card Stock 4.5 x 6.5 inch - $1

Nice Blue Pens - $.50
(I honestly dunno why the hell I bought these lol)

Copic Marker Pads - $6 each melissa
Cutting Mat (8x11) - $3 kristine

Copic SP Brush Tip - (I'm not settling less) - $7 I'm up for trading for a non-brush sp's

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24 July 2009 @ 03:23 am

Yarn (orange, blue, green)  - $1

Sticker Refill - (retails $5 a pop) - $6 for both


Clay - FREE eden
Headband - FREE
Beads (blue and pink) - $1.50 each ($2.50 for both)
Ribbon - FREE melissa

Pretty Mini Basket - $1

Felt Set - $5 kristin?

Epoxy Stick - $2

Envelopes (picture on the right is just an example of what they will look like, but not selling those necessarily) - $2 for entire thing melissa?

Fuzzy Soft Riveted Cloth - $2

Whole Set - $5 Kristin

Cell Phone Lariats - (is or is almost 100 of each color)  - $5 for whole set lynn/eden

Random Beads - $1 for all

Alpha Beads - $1

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24 July 2009 @ 03:04 am


Frog Drawstring Coin Purse $2

Katamari Earrings $2

Poison Bottle Necklace - $2
Silver Earrings - $1
Everything else - FREE

Keyblade - $5
Earring Pairs - $1 each (butterfly michael)
Earring Singles - $1 for all
Pirate Ring - $.50

Neji Bottle Cap Necklace - $3
Feather Earrings - $1 sarah
Eyepatch - $.50
Pink Hoop Earrings - $1
Checkered Steel Pendant - $2 michael
Bullet Pendant - $2
Mushroom Necklace - $3 michael
Chain Steel Ring Sz. 10 -11? - $2 michael
Black Steel Ring with Cross Sz. 10? - $2
Skull Steel Ring - $2
(if you're interested in the item anyway tell me and we can negotiate a price...)

Both hats - $10

Army-ish Cap thing from rue21 (worn only once) - $3

Hat - $2

Maybelline 3-color Blue Eyeshadow (not really used, just got beat up a little) - $2

Bleach Wristband (a little rusted on the clasp- cant see it if worn anyway) - $2

Small sized Belt - $2

24 July 2009 @ 02:57 am
 Yea, so I'm trying to get rid of a lot of stuff in my room I don't want. Some things will be free cuz I just wanna get rid of it, if no one takes those, I'll just trash it...If I bought it then I'll just charge like a small percentage that I actually paid....yea..I just need some extra cash...

Sesshoumaru Wallscroll - $5

Hikaru no Go Wallscroll - $2

Cute Notebook - $1

Sephiroth Poster $2

Harry Potter Poster - FREE

Death Note Poster - $2

Newtype Magazines $5 each $20 for all of them

Tsubasa Print - FREE

Kyouya Print - $1

Urahara Print - $1

Reborn Print - FREE

Lulu Print - FREE

If you think any prices are unreasonable, but you want something, please tell me. I just wanna get rid of this stuff anyway...
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25 January 2009 @ 04:59 pm

Big Bang-

(kinda listed from like the most to least? but I like a LOT of their song so)

Mad About You (jap/eng version) I like this better than the Korean version called Fool
Number 1
Dirty Cash- watch the music video LOL
This Love (G-dragon solo TEEHEE)
With U
Last Farewell - cool music vid lolz
Oh My Friend - feat. No Brain
Strong Baby (Seungri ft. G-Dragon)
Sunset Glow
But I Love U
Crazy Dog - weird part where they have a "EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!"
So Beautiful
How Gee
Prayer (Tae Yang solo)


U R Man
Deja Vu
Unlock (sounds like beegees XD)


Step by Step
Luv U


Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou
Darkness Eyes

Bi Rain-

Sad Tango - watch this music video, SO COOL. I wanna learn this dance
Bad Guy
Rainism - I like the beat and the music but not the lyrics too much?

Epik High (sound kinda like Big Bang but not much singing)-

1 minute 1 second

Wonder Girls -

So Hot

Kim Ah Joong (200 Pounds of Beauty)-

Maria (yaaang LOLZ)
Beautiful Girl ( cute song XD )

Random Korean

Super Junior - Rokkugo
Supernova - Super star

Random English

Lady Gaga- Just Dance
Aly & AJ - Potential Break Up Song (a lot of their songs sound pretty good?)
Aly & AJ - Like Whoa
Lucky - Jason Mraz and Colbie Callait
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Jamiroquai- Virtual Insanity (All his songs sound about the same and are really long LOL, he did Just Dance in Napolean Dynamite)
Taylor Swift- Love Story
Taylor Swift - White Horse
Taylor Swift - Picture to Burn
Amber Davis - Back Into You (she's like malaysian??? not sure)

Random Japanese

Koda Kumi - TABOO
BECCA- Alive
back-on- Sands of Time
back-on- Butterfly (a little annoying but I like it)

Just For Laughs -

NigaHiga - Ninja Glare

Big Bang is awesome. If you haven't watched Big Bang's parody of Coffee Prince, you HAVE to watch it!!! Get it on Youtube! XDXDXD SO GAYYY.

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23 January 2009 @ 11:19 am

yea...so I've had a hectic week and I plan on conking out this weekend on my bed until I sleep off my sickness...then I gotta study for Art History 2 blehhhh...I'm all nasally sad face ><

Yesterday I was doing so of my roommate's math homework. I'm SO ASIAN...<--shame

I'm excited to start working on my Shoujo Phonebook entry. I might actually get this done lolz. My deadline is February 24th I think O___o

So apparently SCAD is trying to reach a university status, so they will probably rename is SUAD, Savannah University of Art and Design, but I think they should insead go with USAD, University of Savannah for Art and Design, because you will be sad with the college/university draining your wallet exponentially. 

My hair is blue now, I want to be blonde agen - -  

I think I kinda look like an ugly Jaejoong O___o in the picture...With the whole hair in front of one eye...O_o
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17 December 2008 @ 04:30 am
UGH, I'm PISSED...apparently the tablet was a sSERIAL tablet, so it doesn't plug into my freggin laptop....okay! no problem, I'll go buy an adapter!

I drive over to fry's during rush hour btw, and realize that I don't have my freggin wallet, so okay, I'll just see if they have it and then leave it somewhere and come back. I find a 9prong male to 9 prong male and I'm satisfied and drive back to get my wallet. I drive back over there and purchased the item and drove back home. Then I pull the adapter out and stick it on the tablet and realize that my laptop's ISN'T A 9 PRONG, IT WAS RHE HD 15 PRONG ONE. SHIT. So I drive back and return what I bought for store credit and decided to do the SMART THING and ask a store associate about it. He finds me one that attaches as a usb, and I'll like PERFECT. I buy the item and leave AGAIN. I attach it together and YES it's been detected!

So I download the intuos2 driver (cuz vista sucks and doesnt believe in cds) and try to set it up. It doesn't work, then pen and mouse DON'T WORK, so I download the other version, same result, and then I download the last version and read the inscription and it says that it's for serial tablet and ADAPTERS HAVE UNEXPECTED RESULTS, so BASICALLY, it DOENS'T WORK EVER UNLESS YOU HAVE AN OLD ASS COMPUTER!

okay..FINE! I'll use my MOM's computer cuz it has the serial plug, so I plug it in and set it up, it works! yaaaay! Not for long...

I open photoshop and try to open a picture to start photoshopping. ERROR, your scratch disks are full! and I'm like SHIT WTF. I mean I used to have this problem ALL the time cuz I like to use up all my space on C:/ and then I just transfer and burn stuff off when that happens. NO PROBLEM, I'll just transfer files or delete them. I open My Computer and there's a bunch of drives, each have about 8 gig and I check all of the drives to see how much free space each one has and all of them are free except C:/ which has like 24 MB left...- -

so I open that drive and check out what I can delete. ALL OF THEM ARE FREGGIN PROGRAM FILES, I can't delete any of them cuz I either don't know if they're important and 2 most of them really didn't take up that much space, like 100 MB-ish or less. I argue with my uncle about what the hell is going on and he tells me that all chinese windows softwares work like this, they take ur hdd and split the space into like 3-4 drives in which C:/ is for XP and program files.

While we are having trouble communicating (cuz of the language), I try to explain to him that C:/ ran out of space and I can't open any programs cuz there's probably not enough RAM (which I cant figure out how much there is cuz the properties wont show me). His solution is to uninstall all the programs not needed and reinstall them later when I'm done. That's utter nonsense, who wants to spend hours resetting up all the programs, I didn't even like doing them in the first place!

I also tried asking him if we could add space or transfer space around, or when we set up windows, can we customize how many gig we want in each drive. He either has no idea or it's a no. The only solution I can think up is 1). Set AMERICAN XP back on 2). Get a bigger internal and reset up the chinese one 3). Maybe see if my theories would work to customize the space values.  Problem with 1 is that my mom needs chinese, if I set up the english one, she'll freak and ask me to fix everything and make stuff chinese. Problem with 2 is I don't understand chinese so my uncle would have to do it, which will probably make him mad to change my mom's windows AGAIN. Problem with 3 is that it's just a theory and it's most likely NOT likely.

I'm really in angst about this stupid tablet and I'm stuck with solutions...I'm outta time to get a new tablet or change it or anything. I don't have any other computers to use except maybe my friend's but I only really do things at night and I think there's only one person's computer I can use if it even has the 9 prong serial port.

My solutions with the tablet is 1). resell it on ebay and find a new one 2). try to get a return and pay for the shipping and find a new one 3). see if the computers in savannah will have the 9 prong serial port and plug I can use with it (cuz it needs electricity....- -)

god it's huge...- - It's bigger than my laptop flat and my laptop isnt one of the small ones either..

Another thing with the stupid chinese xp is that I CANT SCAN ANYTHING CUZ THE SCRATCH DISKS ARE FREGGIN FULL. I can't even scan 300 dpi! I was in luck to even get 200DPI. FUCK. I wanted to try for 2400 dpi too. I tried setting the scanner onto my laptop but for SOME ODD REASON, there's an error, so it can't be used....stupid vista...I hate vista, I hate serial ports, I hate CHINESE XP and it's REALLY STUPID METHOD OF MEMORY. I mean seriously?! What IF you run out of space like me! THEN WHAT DO YOU DO FUCKTARDS?! I'm so freggin pissed about this. - -

I've wasted like 10 hours and I still have shit to do on my shitty laptop where the wireless mouse doesnt work properly b/c it keeps disconnecting for some reason and the touchpad acts up ALL the time. CAN'T EVEN SCAN, which I need a high quality picture SHIT.

I thought maybe if the tablet didn't work, I could just use the my old tablet and the new pen, but I guess it's that intuos2 came before the graphire3 so it doesnt work...Does anybody know if a newer pen works on an older tablet?

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